Printmaking house, coffee shop and a gallery… In Ankara? Introducing you Tosca Art Design!


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Hello again for those seekers of art in Ankara! As we promised, we are here to deliver you our discoveries about unique and authentic artists, places to explore the taste of art in the capital city.

This time, our destination for you is Tosca Art&Design. It was founded by an artist in 2015 and now operates as a coffee house, an atelier for printmaking courses and activities, and as an art gallery for the artists. The owner of the place is as we said, an artist as well and she offers courses for those who wants to learn about printmaking.
For this blog, our team decided to visit the place and ask if we can have a proper shoot there to introduce what is Tosca and who are involved in the creation and management of this unique place that offers art, coffee, happiness, a warm place to hang out and home to many artists’ exhibitions!

Tosca has a unique presence once you enter the place. We were welcomed by the smiling face of the staff that prepares coffees, then we are directed to the printmaking studio. In the basement, we reach the gallery that is used for several exhibitions. Not only these, but also CONCERTS happen here as well. Finding Tosca in Ankara is like finding a mirage in the desert, but we are here to share it with everybody to have this experience.

For this post, we depict you the process of printmaking handled by a young talented artist, who helped us demonstrating the carving, printing and having the final art piece. Starting back from the beginning, we went to Tosca on Thursday around 5 pm. The place was half full of people that preferred working with their laptops, other groups were there to spend time, enjoy their freshly brewed coffees; and as you can imagine, we were there to explore… Before we got into our task, we ordered some coffees and tasteful Pasteis de Natas. As we entered the printmaking studio, there were lots of beautiful art pieces of the artists, and we were not alone with a cute dog sleeping peacefully in its couch in the studio. So, it can be said that place was also pet-friendly for those who consider visiting, but note that this is just our observation! As we were checking out the materials, mediums, and the artworks; the artist was preparing the tools for carving and the ink for printing. The rest of the story will be told to you as you slide down each picture below, please enjoy! 😉 
Here lies Maison Tosca Art & Design, a cosy cafe cum print house which gathers creatives from all walks of life to chill and connect with like-minded people all from the comfort of one place.
The entryway of the printing Maison is a spunky cafe area, allowing individuals and groups alike to gather and share their creativity over a cup of Joe.
The marketplace area allows creatives to sell their very own creations and share their talents with the world. Feel free to peruse this area and have a look! Should you find something to enjoy, you can inform a salesperson to purchase a copy and start your own collection of graphic prints!
A sturdy study area with plug sockets if needed. As you plan to work here, be wary of your noise level so as to not disturb other graphic creatives. If they are up for a chat, one can notice plenty of art creatives ranging from architecture students working on their mockups to graphic designers making bold prints.
The coffee brewing station houses multiple fragrant beans for your choosing. While preferences differs from one another, Artzer06 collective agrees that you should try their arabica beans for a good kick!
Walking down the corridor, you would finally arrive at the printing studio. Remember to enjoy the many paintings and prints that stand before you.
Tosca’s very own puppy will be here to greet you as you enter the print making studio. Be sure to give him a head rub!
Remember to pay attention as you walk the behind-the-scene magic unfold in front of your very eyes as each material is carefully prepared for the tedious printing process. As you listen to their stories, it’s time to take a glimpse of the exciting craftsmanship that brings creativity to life.
Behold as you watch the dryer in action. Within minutes, the vibrant paintings are brought to life. After which the artworks will be prepared for its final touch, drying to perfection in a mere 24 hours.
Inside the office and studio lies a vibrant haven of creativity. As we wander throughout the studio, this incredulous place captures the journey of paintings—of which evolved from callipers to the present printing press. Witness the transformation as every stroke and step breathes life to create its final masterpiece.
As you walk around, marvel at the printings which cover every inch of the place, with each unique piece tells there own individual stories.
Upon looking at the wall hangings, you would have a full view of the myriad of prints that were created in-house at Tosca Art & Design. Looking at them, each print harbours the handiwork of human and machine, springing forth bold and eccentric looking designs at the touch of each individual creatives.
Welcome a member of the Tosca team as they meticulously prepare the pattern for the press. Using a sharp tool, marvel as they skillfully carve intricate fine and purposeful lines onto the Lino mat. Witnessing the artistry unfold as precision meets creativity in every stroke.
After carving the design onto the mat, the mat is placed between the roller as it applies a thin layer of paint. It is essential to be precise applying too thick can smudge and delay the printing process.
As the large roller takes center stage, the Lino mat with paint is pressed onto a sheet of paper. A protective layer of felt is used here to ensure precision while safeguarding the fragile piece of paper in this crucial step of the creative process.
After aligning the paper and the roller, the operator will now bring the painting to life. Now it’s time to press!
After the design is inked onto the paper, the felt mat and the final print has to be carefully removed from the mat. Remember to take it slow so as to not ruin your art!
And finally, you can see the final result! The design of the wild boar can be seen in all its glory – great work!
At the end of your printing journey, we hope you enjoyed our tour! Remember to tag us on our socials on instagram with the hashtag: #Artzer06xTosca