From China to Quick China

Ahmet Erdoğan Yılmaz -Arda Üstoğlu Blog: From China to Quick China / Comd 537 Multimedia Journalism Bahar 2023/24 Fotoğraf Dizisi Projesi

Greetings everyone, today we will visit the Chinese cuisine restaurant Quick China on Park Street. Quick China is one of the most popular far eastern restaurants in Ankara and is a well-known and respected business by everyone. It has 9 branches in Ankara, and we chose to visit the restaurant on Park Street due to its beautiful location and better venue design than the others. We tried to give you a delicious visit to Quick China, step by step, with our photos. The only thing missing was that we couldn’t share the taste of the food with you. For now, you will have to settle for guessing the unique taste of the food from its beautiful appearance. Until you visit to experience them yourself.
As soon as we entered, we immediately realized that the statues that greeted us were Terra Cotta statues, and we went on a small-scale journey back in time for a moment.
When we entered the main door, we were greeted by a cellar full of wines, the dim lighting made the atmosphere even more impressive.
The wines looked quite elegant.
We walk down this classy corridor towards our table.
The reception team at the door and the waiters had dresses inspired by Chinese culture, which caught our attention.
Although our first look was quite meaningless, after researching his stories, the life of the Buddha deeply impressed us. We will probably look at these statues with more meaning and different eyes on our next visit.
An open kitchen requires self-confidence for a business, and Quick China achieves this.
In the kitchen, all the cooks were Asian. It was a great pleasure to watch them prepare the meals. We should also add that how their adventure of coming to this restaurant aroused a lot of curiosity in me.
The first and fastest thing to arrive on the table was sushi. It created a visual feast with its crispy coating and cooked fish decoration on the sushi. Rock and roll is still in its old form, that is, it manages to give us the same pleasure every time we eat it.
The presentation of chicken noodles was quite nice.
Mango Frozen: Unfortunately, mango frozen, Quick China’s indispensable drink, disappointed us a little this time. We couldn’t find the taste we were used to.
Essential for summer months; garden section.
After the meal, jasmine tea was served with a fortune cookie, after taking a few sips by the fireplace, it has filled us with peace and made us feel incredibly relaxed.
This beautiful Buddha statue asked us to shoot its photo too.