Tea or Coffee: 4 Cafés That Will Help You to Decide

Alara Mesci – Büsra Özbakır  Blog: Cafés You Just Shouldn’t Miss in Ankara! /Comd 357 Multimedia Journalism Sonbahar 19/20 Listeleme Projesi 

Hello coffee and tea lovers! As you may already remember, we have this small “Tea or Coffee” challenge among us, so we’ve started to visit 4 beautiful cafés with different styles. As cafés become more and more popular to spend some free time alone or with friends, we thought that this blog post will help you have new ideas about Ankara’s must-go cafés.Both of us chose one coffee shop and one tea shop, and our café choices were made with the recommendation of our friends as well as with our own favorites. We also tried to make comment on what we tasted to give you initial thoughts about those cafés.

Now, it’s time to share our café choices with you. Are you ready?

1) Alara’s Choice: Koala Coffee Shop

Hey there tea and coffee lovers! Here is my favourite coffee shop in town: Koala Coffee Shop! With its cosy and dim-lit atmosphere, since the very first they I’ve been there, it has my heart. Great coffees, delicious desserts, cheerful and warm baristas… What else does someone expect from a place where one can go whenever they want?  Exactly for this reasons, Koala is the first place that came to my mind when I decided to take Büsra, as well as you my dear readers, for a cup of coffee and lots of chit-chats.If you are more than a tea person than a coffee person but still you like drink soft coffees like me, then this coffee shop is just for you. You should definitely try their latte with honey and cinnamon, which is my favourite, because it is so soft that the coffee just melts into your month and touch your heart. If you are also in love with sweets just like me, you should try their cookies, they make them daily and almost never the same kind. They also sell my favorite stickers, from Bulldog Stickers, and you can also spend your time trying to find the best ones that suits your taste!

When I first heard the name of the café, I already knew that I was going to fall in love with it. The warmth of the environment conquered my heart. Literally! Imagine a café that fits everyone taste. This place was exactly established for this standard. Although I usually drink non-sweetened coffee, I genuinely fell in love with its hot chocolate called Willy Wonka! Imagine a cream mountain on the top of a giant cup of hot chocolate with a marshmallow. The sweetness of this beverage fits with the café’s setting. Next time, I may have difficulty in choosing between coffee and Willy Wonka <3

2) Alara’s Choice: Poe&Co.

​This café is my trump card to make Büsra say tea is better than coffee. It is the best tea shop in town that fits my taste and I am very excited to share it with you. So please welcome: Poe&Co.! When I first found this place, I was so touched because they serve at least 5 types of soaked teas from black teas to oolong teas. A little information here, Far East Asian countries have very different teas than our usual black tea, so in Poe&Co. there are usually Chinese and Japanese teas. My favorite white tea comes from China and it is the tea that calms down all your nerves, I promise!It really is just a small café with a huge Edgar Allan Poe painting one the wall, and the design is just beau-tea-ful. Also, it has the loveliest lady as an owner, she is both kind and sweet, and if you cannot decide which awesome tea (or coffee but teas are their specialities so, I strongly advise you to have a cup of tea) you’ll try, do not hesitate to ask her and try to make her understand your tastes first.

Well… I wasn’t that excited when we were going to this café. However, it didn’t take me long to realize that I was wrong. I’m literally in love with how broad assortment it has for teas. It took me more than 10 minutes to decide which tea I was going to drink. I ended up choosing oolong tea because its name seemed different to me.  A small suggestion to you: if you are used to drinking milk beverages like me, try your tea with milk! That’ll be the time when you’re going to be addicted of this warm place.

3) Busra’s Choice: BARN Coffee Shop

No matter what time of the day, I spend very nice time in BARN Coffee Shop. The quality of the coffee as well as the design of the coffee shop makes me feel like I’m at home. So that’s why I decided to take Alara there, BARN Coffee Shop.
The fact that the place has a design appealing both students and employees makes it even more popular. Besides the dark furniture choices, the well lit lightening also makes the atmosphere very stylish.With this selection of cafés, we entered a place that suits both students and employees. So, after our classes, we came here to chill and relax. (Actually, my aim was to convince Alara to make her a coffee lover more than a tea lover). Hopefully, Alara really liked the design of the café, so we took a sit and decided what to drink. I drank espresso because I was a bit tired, but I recommended Alara to my favorite: Flat White <3 I call flat white a strong latté. It contains both espresso and milk. Also, in BARN Coffee Shop, they have high quality coffee machines and the coffee cups are so beautiful that you want to take them home. These qualifications make you even more connected to the place.

If you consider coming to this coffee shop, I strongly advise you to give a chance to flat white with a cookie. (They also make sugar-free cakes too but, this chocolate chip cookies will help you reach to the moon) Also, if you want to try new things, there’s a matcha latté option- but be prepared for an unusual taste 🙂

Alara the floor is yours; What do you think about my favorite place?

Hey there again guys! Okay Busra okay, I admit that I really liked flat white, even though it tastes somehow strong in my opinion. BARN Coffee Shop has really awesome atmosphere and brillian chocolate cookies, and the coffee was also great, too. I am still a tea lover, but you can be sure that I will come here every now and then to have my flat white 🙂

4) Busra’s Choice: Lavinnia Coffe Shop

Would you like to enjoy both tea and coffee in an authentic café? Well… Lavinnia is here for you to spend enjoyable time with your friends. The way it’s designed is so unique. Everything from the gramophone to the tables, from the watches to the chairs, is very different from ordinary cafés. So, I decided to take Alara to Lavinnia Coffee Shop. It has homemade pumpkin spice latté which I strongly recommend you to try. Also, they have types of teas that you may never ever heard of. We first tried two different teas which are, white tea with rose flavour and spicy tea with orange flavour. They both have strong but special tastes. As a coffee lover, I really liked the variety of tea and their tastes. I tried white tea one. It has both sweet and savory taste, so it became one of my favorite tea flavors. Also, enjoying my tea with a creative design of the café made the taste even much better.Alara:
Finally, tea!! I was in love with their teas, every one of them has their own unique smell and I am a hundred percent sure they all taste awesome as well, though I only tried their orange tea. I knew now Busra has a great taste in tea as well as coffee. Why don”t you try this cafés’ teas as well and share your opinions with us?