4 Coffee Shops for Photography and Taste in Ankara

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Today, I’m here for you to share 4 coffee spots that you can enjoy and capture an aesthetic photo, just like I promised in my first blog. For me, coffee shops are one of the best places to relax, study, enjoy with friends and taste new flavors. But have you ever thought that it could be an excellent spot to take photos like a blogger? I think coffee shops have creative coffee presentations and concepts than ever before. Serving with minimal and different cups  or creating a concept with a beautiful interior design. So, it is hard to take a sip of coffee without taking a photo of your coffee and surrounding details. So I discovered Espresso Lab, 312 Boutique, La Petite Nona and Roast’n Berry, also I took some photos for you.

1) Espresso Lab: Roasted with Passion

One of the best alternatives at Maidan for those who want to escape from the crowded. The different design of Espresso Lab is interesting even from a distance. They serve 48 hours roasted fresh coffee to customers every day so you can smell the fresh coffee when you enter. For those who want to try a new flavor, there are various options like Salted Caramel, Honey Bear, Winter Spice Latte, Caramel Popcorn Latte. Their taste and presentation are very delicious like their name! For classic coffee lovers; Latte, Americano or Cappuccino is a delightful choice.
Photo tips: Their name written on ceramic coffee cups are ideal for an aesthetic photo. Maybe you can put some glasses or their delicious brownie with white chocolate.

​Address: Mustafa Kemal, 177. B blok No.4 B Çankaya Ankara TR 06530, 2118. Cd., 06510 Çankaya/Ankara


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2) 312 Boutique: Chic, Little World with Beautiful Scents 

312 Boutique Café is a small and quality place to have a cup of coffee in Arjantin Street. The atmosphere is really different from other coffee shops; there’s a particular area that the ceiling is glass and the tables are surrounded by plants. The inside is like a mixture of a shop and winter garden.  Every corner is remarkable and aesthetic for taking an Instagram photo. Also, it’s a boutique that you can shop candles or perfumes from popular brands like Atelier Rebul. Coffees are delicious and fresh which served with large cups, if you want to add dessert to your coffee experience, éclair can be a delightful alternative.
Photo tips: Their coffee cups are classic but you can use design and details as a beautiful background for your photos.
Address: Gaziosmanpaşa, Arjantin Cd. No:28, 06700 Çankaya/Ankara


3) La Petite Nona: Small Chocolates with Tasty Coffee​

It’s a small café in Mesa Koru that serves delicious coffee and chocolate. La Petite Nona is like a chocolate heaven, you can choose to drink a hot chocolate in winter or eat with your coffee. You can try macaron, coconut flavored is really delightful.  They have a little kitchen that they serve homemade tastes, it makes their coffee more delicious. Also, their decoration is creating a warm atmosphere that you can sit and enjoy for hours. For winter they put some Christmas decorations that this little café seems very cute and enjoyable.
Photo tips: White tables with cactus, macarons served on plates and white classic cups are excellent for a photo like a blogger.

Address: Koru, MESA KORU ÇARŞI, Kavaklı Sk. NO 6/D, 06810 Çankaya/Ankara

4) Roast’n Berry: Gourmets’ Choice for Coffee 

After Maidan, Roast’n Berry opened another coffee shop in Beysukent. Each corner is carefully designed and reminds of a living room. The fireplace, couch and slow music accompanies your coffee joy. There are different alternatives like S’mores Latte or Affogato. Also, their dessert called ‘Coconut’, chocolate covered coconut, can be your new favorite. Fresh filter coffee and latte is delicious since their Bourbon Arabica coffees are different and special. These coffees were chosen as one of the best 10 coffees in the world by experts.
Photo tips: Wood tables and plates, detailed cups and snacks can be a perfect detail in your photo.

Address: Beysukent, Angora Cd, 06810 Çankaya/Ankara