Hilal Küçükkatırcı -Hüdanur Baykoç Blog: Kahveci Müco / Comd 537 Multimedia Journalism Bahar 2023/24 Fotoğraf Dizisi Projesi

Hi there coffee addicts!

We have visited the most interesting cafe in Ulus, one of the places in Ankara where the historical texture has not changed. In this post we are going to introduce you to the cafe called “Kahveci Müco”, it’s owner Muhammed Mücahit Çelebi and inform you about various Turkish Coffee types that he serves in his cafe.

Kahveci Müco is a cafe that can be found in Ankara Castle. Through a sign that reads “In the footsteps of Anatolian lost coffees,” its owner, Muhammad Mücahit Çelebi, also known as “Müco,” tells visitors the tales of lost Anatolian coffees. Müco has been attracting popularity for his delicious Turkish coffees at the Castle for the last six years. While operating as a mobile coffee seller, Çelebi initially had no particular intention of emphasizing lost Anatolian coffees; yet, his choice to become a coffee maker gradually led him in this direction.  Çelebi traveled to Çanakkale and Manisa to study how to manufacture different sorts of coffee after some of his admiring clients urged him to try coffees from other locations. This impressed us a lot because what you drink in there is not just a coffee, IT IS THE HISTORY OF TURKEY. He has now introduced these new flavors to Ankara, providing 28 distinct Turkish coffees with corresponding cultural narratives. Çelebi highlights that the idea of “Anoatolian lost coffees” is more than simply a concept; it is our history, and he is now able to bring back these long-forgotten coffee customs back together in his cafe. You can find more information about his journey in our interview with him.

Now lets move on to the cafe itself. It has a traditional interior design as parallel to the cafe’s concept. Somehow it is traditional but it is modern as well, you feel yourself in the dusty pages of history and in the white pages of the bright future at the same time. This is definitely a place that makes you feel like inside a novel.  We have tried to capture it’s warm environment for you to see  in the photo’s below.
We are entering a place that excites us from the very entrance.
The moment we enter the door, ‘Müco’ greets us while making coffee.
The nostalgic decoration is one of the key elements that gives identity to this place.
When we asked the guests inside how they found this place, we learned that the majority are addicted to it and come here every day.
Nostalgic mugs are used inside to complement the concept. These mugs take us to your grandmothers’ homes, making us realize how alive our memories are.
These mugs for serving coffee the others were for exhibition.
Anatolia’s four lost coffees: Fakir Tiryakiye, Mihrimah, Yandırma and Flavored Turkısh Coffee. The taste of the sherbet brought with it became incredibly balancing alongside the coffees.
Mihrimah Sultan Coffee: Since Mihrimah Sultan was the first person to prepare coffee with milk, the first milky Turkish coffee was named after her. You must definitely try the flavor that softens the intensity of coffee; it’s one of the most popular ones !!!
Enjoying the ” Fakir Tiryakiye ”. This coffee was traditionally consumed during times of war and scarcity. Due to the inclusion of chickpeas, its flavor is more intense compared to others and provides a filling experience.
We recommend trying the outdoor seating area on sunny days in Ankara, which continues the interior design atmosphere.
Sitting here, watching the local businesses and street vendors, you’ll feel like you’re in old Ankara.
After spending time here and tasting Müco’s coffee, we better understood why they became addicted.
If you thought Müco’s mobile coffee days were a thing of the past, you were mistaken just like we did :). Müco continues to operate as a mobile coffee vendor with this car. You can check below for more details.
After enjoying your coffee, the street where the coffee shop Müco is located is a perfect place for a historical walk.