4 Cafes Where You Can Study in Ankara

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1. With desserts created daily by MSA-trained chefs: Line Coffee!
Our first stop is Line Coffee! Located in the Incek neighborhood of Ankara, Line has become a popular spot among university students thanks to its proximity to most universities and student houses. The fact that it serves until midnight every day of the week has also increased the interest of cafe-savvy students like us. The so-called “back table”, which is everyone’s favorite place to work, is very comfortable for group work. At the same time, if you are one of those who say “I want to work alone because I get distracted”, Line has thought of you and created bistro-shaped workspaces. As soon as you enter the café, you are greeted by a very spacious and modern decoration. We can say that the biggest reason for this is that the owner is an interior designer. This atmosphere of Line makes you feel as comfortable and peaceful as if you were at home. If you look around a bit, you can easily observe that the students in the cafe come to study. For this reason, you can see that the big tables in the cafe are usually full, in which case you can choose the tables in the common area to study. Let’s talk about Line’s flavors that appeal to both the eye and the palate. The chefs graduated from the Culinary Arts Workshop are definitely one of the features that distinguish Line from other cafes. You should try Line’s delicious desserts to boost your morale and energy while studying and salty snacks to fill your belly.

Address: Kızılcaşar Mahallesi Yavuz Sultan Selim Bulvarı Bulvar Loft Sitesi A2 Blok 180 7, D:F, 06830 Gölbaşı/Ankara
Instagram: @__lineco
Website: http://www.linesocietas.com/
Contact: 05304922090
Price: 💸 💸 💸 

Ankara’s new favorite with private study rooms: Madrid!

Our next stop is the newly opened and instantly popular Madrid Cafe! Located in Yaşamkent neighborhood, Madrid Cafe will win your heart with its concept of private study rooms. Are your presentations coming up, do you want to gather in a room and study together during your exam week? This is the right address, and the rooms are completely free and indefinite. Madrid Café has large and comfortable rooms with TVs and private air conditioning, making you feel as comfortable as if you were in the living room of your own home. This way, you can use the TV to project your presentations or watch your lecture videos with your friends. Madrid, which does not neglect to put large study desks in common areas outside the rooms, has never forgotten you, the students, by placing sockets on each desk and installing the necessary lighting system and created a completely study concept atmosphere. In addition, if you want to work individually, you can use the study area decorated as a bistro. In short, all kinds of study types have been considered for you. So, shouldn’t all this work be accompanied by mouth-watering desserts and delicious sandwiches? You can eat and drink as much as you want in this rich kitchen where you can have tea, coffee and even fresh fruit juices. Finally, when you get bored and want to take a breath, there is a huge winter garden and an open garden waiting for you. You will feel completely peaceful in this green and green area, so don’t start your lesson without getting your oxygen supply.

AddressAlacaatlı, Şht. Eren Bülbül Cad. No: 2G, 06810 Çankaya/Ankara
Instagram: @coffeedemadrid
Website: http://www.coffeedemadrid.com.tr/

If you can’t work in the library but need a library environment, Kocatepe 1919 is for you!

Kocatepe 1919, the recently shining star of Beytepe, stands out from other cafes with its library atmosphere, especially on the top floor. The library atmosphere you encounter when you go upstairs is like a real paradise for those who like to work in silence. Kocatepe offers an ideal choice for those who want to dive into their own world and focus alone with its round and rows of tables. For university or high school students looking for a quiet study environment away from the noise of crowded libraries, this café is a real find. If you need a break, you can relax by the fireplace or in the garden. In addition, Kocatepe is specially designed to make your study marathons even more enjoyable with its rich beverage and sweet-salty food options that appeal to those who will be working for a long time. Especially for those who have a sweet tooth, we recommend you to try the San Sebastian with chocolate sauce! Kocatepe 1919 is an oasis for those who want to find the atmosphere of a library in a café. We can definitely say that it will offer you a productive working environment with its spacious and quiet environment; because we gave full points to this cafe by having this experience. Now it’s your turn! Pay a visit to Kocatepe 1919 and dedicate yourself to work.

Address: Beytepe, Plevne Caddesi No:9/7, 06800 Çankaya/Ankara
Instagram: @coffee1919.tr
Website: https://www.kocatepekahveevi.com.tr/​
Contact: 03125446146
Price: ​


Our last stop is EspressoLab, located in Beytepe 1923. EspressoLab, which has been serving in Ankara for a long time and is one of the favorite cafes, immediately won the hearts of cafe-loving students with its newly opened branch with a large working area. The presence of many types of large tables inside attracted the attention of those who said “I can’t fit in, I need a large table”. An ideal environment especially for fine arts students! We know you are uncomfortable with this situation, but now you don’t have to hesitate to use your models and large sketchbooks. EspressoLab has also thought of those who need to make a Zoom call or attend an urgent meeting and added a single workroom in the corner of the workspace. If you have a Zoom meeting to attend or a presentation to make, you should definitely give this single room a chance. After studying so much, you can take a break by enjoying your daily fresh desserts and sandwiches outdoors, a very pleasant outdoor space has been created for this. Speaking of desserts and sandwiches, there is a very extensive coffee menu for coffee lovers. If you are someone who likes to discover different flavors, you should try the matcha latte, which you can find in rare cafes in Ankara. It will warm you up a little bit in the cold of Beytepe.
​Address: Beytepe, Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Blv No: 50/21, 06800 Çankaya/Ankara
Instagram: @espressolabtr
Website: https://www.espressolab.com/
Contact: 4448464​
Price: ​