Korelee – a famous Korean restaurant in Ankara

Kit Chi Chan,  Ece Nur Emre, Defne Demirbaş / Blog: Asian Foodies / COMD 357- Multimedia Journalism Sonbahar 2021-22 Final Projesi

Hello foodies! 😊 This week, we went to “Korelee,” the first Korean restaurant in Ankara. With Korean decoration like neon lights in Korean words, Korelee can make you feel like you are having a meal in Korea. In this blog, we will discover the aims of the founder of “Korelee,” Sak Lee, and how customers view Korelee.

The name Korelee gets its “Lee” from the surname of its owner, who is a young businessman who achieved successful achievement in opening a restaurant in Ankara. The restaurant attracted many people of different ages from Turkey, Korea, or other nations.


In the interview we conducted with Mr. Lee, he told us the idea of opening a Korean restaurant in Ankara was from his mother. There are challenges of opening a Korean restaurant in Ankara, like ingredients sources and the flavor differences between Korean and Turkish. He told us the most popular dishes are fried chickens and Tteokbokki.

In the next part, we interviewed three Turkish girls who came to eat in the restaurant and found out why they wanted to try Korean food. Also, they’ve told us what caused them to Korelee in the first place. Besides, we’ve interviewed them about their favorite dish in Korelee and their impressions about Asian food before.
We chose Korelee to investigate because it’s a popular restaurant that is always full of customers. After this interview, we know that Turkish and people worldwide love Korean culture so much. Therefore, when a Korean restaurant is opened, people in Ankara (mostly university students) would love to try it. It’s famous also because of its good quality. Therefore every foodie, if you have a chance, try Korean dishes in Korelee. We’re sure that you would love it!😉

See you next time! Stay tuned!

Information of Korelee
Opening: 11:30am-9:00pm
Location: Kavaklıdere, Bestekar Cd No:27, 06900 Çankaya/Ankara