Ethnic Food in Ankara: Wuyang Chinese Restaurant in Tunali  


 Hyun Seok Lee

Wuyang Chinese Restaurant


​This time I came with the Chinese restaurant in Tunali. I am pretty sure that if you have even been to the Tunus street then it is impossible to pass the place. Wuyang Chinese Restaurant is one of oldest Asian restaurants in Ankara. It is especially well-known for people who are working for public sectors and transnational companies since the location of its is near Korean Embassy and other Asian Embassies as well.This place is also interesting place for me. When I was living in Istanbul, my father used to come for a business trip in Ankara and this restaurant was the only place that has Korean foods due to large demands from Korean people. So, before I began my life in Bilkent University, Wuyang restaurant was the sole place that I knew in Ankara among all other restaurants including Turkish cuisines.
​By the way, on this day me and my friends went to Korean embassy for the presidential election. Let me talk little bit about our country’s political circumstances. The president Park was impeached a few month ago so that we had to vote for earlier than usual. Since we are staying abroad, we had to visit the embassy faster than people who reside in Korea right now. This was my second time voting for the president, thus, I was feeling more comfort than the time when I first chose my leader.  Anyway, after this took a taxi and came back to Tunus street.
Just like other restaurants in this street, Wuyang offers two choices for seats:outside and inside. But, I recommend you to seat inside during winter since they do not have heating system outside.  So, as you can see from the image, mainly seats are composed of  4 people. If you have more than 4 people, ask a waiter to guide you inside. There will be rounding tables that accommodates nearly 8 people.
As a Korea, the price of Wuyang was expensive considering the fact that some foods can be made very easily in locals. But, as you know, when same foods are exported and made in foreign countries, the price arises. Therefore, understanding that logic the price was acceptable for us and it was a time to regret our home meals. In perspective of non-Asian, I assume that if you have large stomach to fulfill then it would not enough for you to enjoy it with the money less than 40 TL. For those who would be interested about the menu and the price, I have photos. Check it and make you decision if you have a chance to go there.
Wuyang provides more than 60 menus including Chinese, Japanese and Korean. So, if you want to feel those three foods in one place I will defensively advise you to go there and try various tastes of its. Also, they gave us Kim-chi for appetizer and it was quite happy to see in a Chinese restaurant. But, don’t forget that the taste has some difference between the locals and to some extent tastes are bit changed for adjusting to Turkish people’s tastes.


We order more than 8 foods and among them the rice with shrimp mostly delighted our tongues for this day in terms of quality and quantity.

Overall, this restaurant offers various foods including Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Also, the location of its which is in the Tunali and close to embassies can attract many people. However, in regard to price, it is not enough for you to enjoy many menus less than 30 – 40 TL assuming that you are the one who loves to eat a lot.

Thanks for keeping up with my post and see you later with my another post soon.


Wuyang Chinese restaurant
Address: Kavaklıdere Mahallesi, Bestekar Sk. 88/B, 06680 Çankaya/Ankara
Phone: (0312) 427 6150
Hours: 12:00 AM – 10:00 PM​

​Hyun Seok Lee
Ankara, Bilkent

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