4 Venues that will Rock Your Ankara Nights

1- On a On Cafe/Pub
On A On bar was our shelter when we were in high school. After the school we used to go to this bar to drink some beer with good rock music. Though it is a bit dark and small, this place offers good music from thrash metal to classic rock with cheap prices. In ordinary days visitors can enjoy the pure rock and metal sessions with their drinks. More than that and the important part is that in every single Thursday and Saturday nights there are always some music events that are held by Hicri Bozdağ who is owner of Rock Station. In Thursday nights under the title of Rock Station Bozdag broadcasts live rock and metal sessions with the cooperation of RadyoVizyon and Saturday nights again with the participation of Hicri Bozdag, there is video event sessions that the visitors can watch live rock concert screening. Moreover if you are lucky enough you’ll get special rock t-shirt from Hicri Bozdag.
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Address: Konur Street, no. 10/10
Mesrutiyet Avenue
Contact: +90 312 418 80 06

2- Always Rock Bar
Always Rock Bar is always rock bar! As we can see from their  name there are always rock and metal sessions which are peculiar to 60’s 70’s and 80’s but not 90’s which means that we cannot listen grunge here. When I was talking with the owner whose name is Mustafa, he said that “Visitors can listen lots of rock and metal music genres while drinking their beer. But there is not grunge music that  was born with “Nirvana” which made me laugh. This is an another warm and small place that is special for Ankara rockers. Beside, those genre sessions in every single day, there is also some special events like signature days. In that sense lots of prominent metal music bands like “Haggard“, “Orphaned Land“, and “Dark Tranquility” came here for signature days. Moreover, that bar arranges logistic and transportation for the concerts in İstanbul. Those who are keen to attend those concerts can buy also ticket from Always Rock Bar and go with their buses to concert area that is generally located in İstanbul and İzmir. Thanks to those special activities this bar stole  rockers’ heart!. If you are a true fan of metal and rock music you should pop up here.
For More Information : You can check their Facebook web page.
Address: Inkılap Street, no. 5/11
Sakarya Avenue
Contact: +90 541 836 22 26

3- Noxus Bar (KAPANDI)
Well if you are a true fan of rock but in case sometimes you need to listen softer music this place is suitable for you. In that bar rockers can also listen some indie sessions, electronic music(derives from classic rock) and another amateur rock bands in special days. This place dedicated itself for pure amateur rock and metal sessions. In that sense in every single day there are at least two or three amateur groups for the visitors. When I was talking with one of the workers he said that “we are trying to encourage amateur bands to improve their music while we have a chance to meet those groups to the visitors” which gave me an idea that this bar is special for the listeners who love live music. For the sake of live music in Ankara they created some special events. In that sense the legendary Turkish rock band Kurtalan Ekspres and another important Turkish band Flört. If you want to listen music and meet the amateur groups’ performance this place is for you guys!
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Address : Selanik II Street, no. 78
Mesrutiyet Avenue
Contact: +90 312 419 80 09

Not: Bu mekan kalıcı olarak kapatılmıştır.

4- James Cook

Because of my interpretation and approach to the rock music, I wanted to add this cheerful and warm place that is located in Tunus Street. I added this pub though James Cook generally offers its customers to Blues and Jazz. Due to my interpretation I always thought that Blues and Jazz are the integral part of rock music. Those are the components that are tied with themselves. Especially, people who are keen to love rock music rather than metal music can go to this place because sometimes there is also classic rock music sessions in beautiful lightning atmosphere. Also this place has become prominent around Ankara because they sell over hundred different beer and again over hundred whiskey varieties for the customers who want to enjoy those music sessions with good alcoholic beverages. Also this pub is working on the area of gastronomy which offers its customers to very delicious food. If you want to escape from Ankara’s hectic life and want to listen good music while having various beverages and food you should see this place immediately.
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Address: Kavaklidere Street, no. 19/A
Tunus Avenue
Contact: +90 312 419 96 88