The Famous 3 World Cuisines in Ankara

Mete Bilgili & Abdullah Taha İçenli & Berenis Alkurt / The World Food in Ankara / COMD 357 Multimedia Journalism İlkbahar 2022-2023 Listeleme Projesi

The World Food in Ankara

Here at World Food in Ankara, we’re all about authentic foreign cuisines. From far east to west such as Uyghur, Italian, Mexican and Chinese Cuisine, we’re all about indulging in the deliciousness that this city has to offer.

The restaurants we will include in our blog are Urumçi, Giotto, Ranchero and Quick China, respectively. In our articles, we will share with you the unique tastes we tried there and our thoughts. An article that you can access from food and venue photos to the prices of the products is waiting for you.

1) Urumçi

Our first stop on our trips to world cuisines is Urumçi. Urumçi is a great restaurant to try delicious Uyghur dishes. Our restaurant is located in Ön Cebeci, Ziya Gökalp. When we enter the restaurant, an interior design and paintings reflecting the Uyghur culture welcome us. Its menu includes dishes such as roasted pasta, roasted potatoes with meat, shish kebab, chicken with pistachio, and water ravioli. The dishes we recommend in Urumçi are roasted pasta, chicken with pistachio, and ravioli, which will be very satisfying when you go with a group of four people.
– Roasted Pasta: 98 TL
-Chichen with pistachio: 184TL
-Ravioli: 90 TL

2) Giotto

Our second restaurant is Giotto, located on the 1st floor of Cepa Mall. A great place to try uniqueItalian dishes. There is a menu in front of the restaurant that offers you dishes and prices. When you enter the restaurant, you will be greeted by the interior design reflecting the artistic style of Italy and the impressive paintings on the walls. You can enjoy your meals both indoors and outdoors with a view of the METU forest. Now let’s talk about food. Our recommended menu is Fettucine Al Fredo, Mac N Cheese Beef, Tramisu and Cheesake. You should try Fettucine Al Fredo, which you can easily reach in every restaurant, with its unique interpretation at Giotto.

-Fettucine Al Fredo: 165 TL
-Mac N Cheese Beef: 210 TL
-Tramisu: 115 TL
-Cheesecake: 98 TL

3) Ranchero

Our third restaurant is Ranchero in Maidan. Ranchero is one of Ankara’s best known restaurants and offers you the chance to try unique Mexican dishes. Pictures, paintings, hats, and colors reflecting Mexican culture are used in the interior design of our restaurant. In the interior, you can experience Mexican culture while trying Mexican flavors. It was the restaurant with the richest menu among the restaurants we visited. Our recommended menu is Tacos Fuertes and Pollo Con Rajas. Pollo Con Rajas is a chicken dish garnished with a nice cheese sauce. It is served with nice tomato rice and corn on the side.

– Tacos Fuertes: 218 TL
– Pollo Con Rajas: 220 TL