What is more, left to do in Ankara? 4 WORKSOP IDEAS

Sude Hanefioglu & Idil Baloglu & Safiye Sayık / LEARN, CREATE, WORKSHOP! / COMD 357 Multimedia Journalism İlkbahar 2022-2023 Listeleme Projesi

Hello wonderers!
Welcome to exploring a series of vibrant workshop scenes in Ankara!  Do you want to discover new talents and create lasting memories before graduation? Do you ask yourself what is more left to do in Ankara with your friends other than meeting and drinking coffee together? Then look no further because the answer is workshops, and you can find all of the details you need in our first blog post! As three senior students, we have been exploring the workshop scene in Ankara and have discovered the first four different workshops to learn new skills and have fun with friends. Starting with the Mondrian Sanat ceramic workshop, continuing with the BarrelWorks cocktail workshop, and finding our inner cooking skills with Chef Akademi’s cooking workshop. Lastly, the Mum & Mum candle workshop was our first four stops. This blog post aims to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new by sharing our experiences and insights. Join us on this journey of discovery and creativity, and let’s make the most of our time before graduation, starting with these four workshops you can attend during your spare time from your exams and homework.


1. Clay, Creativity, and Community: Mondrian Sanat for Adults

Discovering the Delightful World of Ceramics at Mondrian Sanat
Mondrian Sanat is an art studio offering workshop events in various areas such as ceramics, painting, perfume, and more. You can easily get your tickets from Plandy for a creative way to spend your evenings with your friends accompanied by a nice glass of wine and delicious treats. 

Mondrian Sanat is not just a ceramic workshop where you play around with clay; it’s also a place where you can spend quality time with your friends or loved ones. Unlike other ceramic workshops, Mondrian Sanat offers the company of wine and some snacks. You can enjoy drinking your wine while building your ceramics into your own unique creation.
Upon arriving at the workshop, the friendly team of instructors greeted us with big smiles. We joined the adult ceramics class, which typically starts in the afternoon around 7:00 pm. Under the guidance of the patient and helpful instructors, we refined our skills and learned to bring our ideas to life. Talking to their lovely owner Ms. Kartal she mentioned that:
” I have built this from stretch with the help of hidden heroes. They are the secret component of this successful workshop”
​- Gamze Kartal 
We felt the power of hidden heroes because they are guiding you to create a beautiful art out of clay. Other than the inspiring adult clay workshop, you get the do in a soft light accompanied by treats. Here is a list of other workshops you can attend to with the details such as length of the workshop, and pricing. 
If you’re interested in trying your hand at ceramics in Ankara, we highly recommend visiting Mondrian Sanat. With options for adults and children, and a supportive and inspiring community, it’s the perfect place to unleash your creativity and discover the joy of working with clay.

Plandy is a website that provides a platform for individuals to discover and purchase tickets for various events, such as workshops, concerts, festivals, and more. Additionally, whats more good about this platform is that, if you get your tickets early or get the whole group’s tickets at once you get really good price discounts. So, keep in mind if you want to stay in your budget. 
It is located in Çayyolu. From different starting points there are many types of public transportations you can use to arrive at the studio of Mondrian Sanat. You can check out how to get there from the transit option of Google Maps, available with all of the timing and stops information.

Ambience ★★★★★/5
Affordability ★★★★★/5
Quality of teaching ★★★★★/5
Address: Prof. Dr. Ahmet Taner Kışlalı, 2833. Sk. no:78, 06810 Yenimahalle/Ankara
Web Page : https://plandy.me/mondrian-sanat-atolyesi/i/63a1711ccd2e7e9b682583dc
Contact : +905399134121
Instagram : @mondriansanat_adult

2. Art of Mixology: BarrelWorks Cocktail Workshop

Shake Things Up with a Cocktail Workshop at BarrelWorks
BarrelWorks is a restaurant in Kuzu Effect shopping mall located in Oran, Çankaya. Besides its delicious food, they are also offering a cocktail workshop for everyone to be a part of their mix of recipes. A cocktail workshop can be a fun way to spend your evening with friends to learn and create. 
BarrelWorks is not just a cocktail workshop where you learn how to mix cocktails but it is also a place where you get the receive your certificates along with some cocktail glasses written the recipes on top of them. Adding this thoughtful giveaway as a part of their workshop, makes the customers very excited and confirmed as mixologists.

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted with a table that’s set up with all the necessary ingredients for two different cocktail recipes. The friendly staff will guide you through the process, showing you how to mix the perfect drink and teaching you the key points of creating the best sip. There is also a break between preparing the two cocktails, and they offers some treats like popcorn, which you can enjoy eating while you sipping your cocktail.

The first cocktail on the menu is the Mexican Lime Gin Tonic, a refreshing drink that’s perfect for a hot summer evening.  The second cocktail is the Bitter Mix, a more complex drink that’s perfect for those with a sweet tooth. 
“If you want to make cocktails at home, for starters you should have a shaker and a jigger (CL measure) first.”
– Mr. Tayfun

​And that’s exactly what you can expect when you attend the BarrelWorks cocktail workshop. Not only will you learn how to mix two delicious cocktails, but you’ll also get to spend an evening with friends, enjoying great food and drinks in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

You can again follow the events that BarrelWorks offers and get your tickets from Plandy. Again for BarrelWorks they have ticket discount offerings for early birds. ​

So why not book your spot at the next BarrelWorks cocktail workshop, spend time with your friends and also get your certificates to look more professional for your future cocktail events.
It’s the perfect way to spend an evening in Ankara, and you’re sure to come away with new skills and a few delicious cocktail recipes to try at home.

Ambience ★★★/5
Affordability ★★★★★/5
Quality of teaching ★★★★★/5

Address: Oran, Zülfü Tiğrel Cd. No:1/5 D:138/B1-B-122, 06450 Çankaya/Ankara
Web Page : https://barrelworks.com.tr/ 
Contact : 0 312 5579797
Instagram : @barrelworkscomtr

3. A Slice of Paris: Chef Akademi French Bakery Workshop 

Experience the Flavors of France at Chef Akademi Workshop
Chef Akademi in Ankara is ideal for those seeking to learn new culinary skills and broaden their recipe repertoire. They offer workshops for diverse tastes and interests, such as sushi-making and Turkish cuisine. Chef Akademi has workshops for all levels, taught by passionate and experienced instructors eager to share their knowledge of food.
To book a reservation for one of Chef Akademi’s workshops, you can visit their website or call them through their official Instagram page. The booking process is easy and straightforward, and their customer service team is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns. The prices are bit higher than other workshops. However, since cooking takes more effort and much more tools with ingredients it can be said that prices can be accepted as normal. The price range for different cooking workshops in ChefAkademi is between 580 TL to 650 TL. 

Friendly staff showed our way to the kitchen where our expert chef guided us in making Crème Brûlée, Paris Brest and Chocolate Mousse. Though we were beginners, our patient instructor made us feel comfortable and helped us adapt to the process. We felt like professional chefs cooking in a Michelin-starred restaurant with our instructor’s guidance. Despite some mistakes, she helped us through the tricky parts. Her inspiring words motivated us when we struggled to shape the Paris Brest.
She said, 
“If you really want to become a successful chef, it doesn’t matter how many mistakes you make in the process of making the recipe perfect.”
​These words were exactly what we needed to hear. It reminded us that it’s okay to make mistakes and that even professional chefs had to start somewhere.

​In the end, we were proud of what we had accomplished, and the three recipes we learned – Paris Brest, chocolate mousse, and Crème Brulee – were all delicious. We left Chef Akademi’s French Bakery Workshop feeling more confident in our cooking abilities and excited to apply what we learned in our own kitchens.Chef Akademi in Ankara offers workshops and short-term lessons to enhance your cooking skills, from French sweets to Italian cuisine. Conveniently located near a metro station in Çayyolu, Ankara, it’s easy to find using Google Maps, no matter where you live in the city.​
Ambience ★★★★★/5
Affordability ★★/5
Quality of teaching ★★★★★/5

Address: Prof. Dr. Ahmet Taner Kışlalı, 2866. Sk. No:29/C, 06810 Çankaya/Ankara
​Web Page: https://www.chefakademi.com
Contact: 0 (312) 240 54 53 
Instagram: @chefakademi

4. Light Up Your Creativity: Mum&Mum Workshop Experience

Discover the Magic of Candle Making at the Mum & Mum Workshop
Mum & Mum Workshop is a unique experience in Ankara that offers an unforgettable opportunity to learn how to make a candle and experience the art of creating a fragrance. If you’re looking for something fun and creative to do in the city, then this workshop is definitely worth checking out.
The workshop is a natural candle and fragrance studio that provides a comfortable and welcoming environment for every participant. The instructors are experienced and knowledgeable in the art of candle making, and they are always willing to help and guide you through the process.
One of the best things about the Mum & Mum Workshop is that it is designed to be accessible and easy to use. You can easily make a reservation for any workshop through their Instagram page or by calling their phone number. Workshop’s price is 400 TL. ​
Upon arrival at the workshop, you will be warmly welcomed by the staff and given an apron to wear during the workshop. The instructor will then give you a piece of paper with all the necessary details about making a candle from scratch. You will learn about the ingredients, the measurements, and the order in which everything should be added. You will also be taught about the key points of designing your candle.

You’ll begin by measuring out the paraffin, which is the key ingredient for forming your candle. 
As you wait for the paraffin to boil, you’ll have a chance to chat with the other participants and get to know each other. The environment is cozy and friendly, and you’ll feel right at home in no time.
Once the paraffin has boiled, you’ll be able to choose your pigment, which is the color of your candle. 

​After choosing your pigment, you’ll then be able to choose your scent. This is where the real fun begins! You’ll be able to choose from a range of scents, including lavender, musk, jasmine, and wood.

​While you wait for the paraffin to boil again, you’ll have a chance to choose your toppings. Once everything is ready, you’ll start pouring the candle mix into your cup. It’s important to pour the mix in two parts to prevent the candle from collapsing. 

In conclusion, Mum & Mum Workshop is a fantastic experience for anyone looking to learn how to make a candle and have fun in a friendly and welcoming environment. The instructors are experienced and knowledgeable, and they will guide you through the process every step of the way. The workshop is accessible and easy to use, and you’ll have a lot of fun experimenting with different colors, scents, and toppings. Overall, this is an experience that you won’t want to miss!
​​It is located in Yaşamkent, Ankara. From different starting points there are many types of public transportations you can use to arrive at the studio of Mondrian Sanat. You can check out how to get there from the transit option of Google Maps, available with all of the timing and stops information.

Ambience ★★★★★/5
Affordability ★★★★/5
Quality of teaching ★★★★★/5

Address: Yaşamkent, Yaşamkent Mahallesi Angora Yaşam Evleri 3291. Cadde 8/A Blok Dükkan 113 06810, 06810 Ankara
Web Page : https://www.mumandmum.com/ 
Contact : +905306835231
Instagram : @mumandmum.tr 
Our Rating : 8.5/10
There you have it – a rundown of some of the best workshops to attend in Ankara! Whether you’re interested in ceramics, baking, or mixology, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city. So why not take a break from your routine, learn a new skill, and have some fun in the process? Who knows – you might even discover a new passion or make some new friends along the way!