How Can You Plant Your Own Plant At Home?

Esra Binici – Your House Plant – Comd 357 Multimedia Journalism Foto Proje

We are all passing more time at home because of the Covid-19 and you can want to beautify the interior design of your home. One of the best ways for this is obtaining a plant. In this sense, buying a plant is an option. However, you can also think to plant your own plant. In the beginning, It is normal if you have hesitations about it. Therefore, I wanted to explain how you can do it on your own at home and mentioned the specific points you need to be careful about.  

Lastly, I want to give some recommendations about the things I used:

🌵 The pot I used is from CactusBazaar. You can prefer to buy a cactus plant or only the pot. They have a very cute Instagram page. You can check their account: @cactusbazaar
✒️  You can get the marker I used by clicking here.
🐚  Lastly, you can use the little rocks or sea shells you collected from the beach in your summer vacation!

If you still think to buy a plant, you can read one of my previous posts by clicking ​here and learn the places where you can buy plants in Ankara. Also, don’t forget to check this post and apply the essential routine for your new plant. Thanks for reading, see you next time!