3 of the Best Fish Restaurants in Ankara

Hi Dear Ankara visitors,
Ankara has no sea, but it actually is the center town where all of the fish in Turkey gathers daily and is transported to the rest of the country. For this reason, Ankara restaurants offer some of the freshest fish options.  Today I will introduce you three great fish restaurants at Ankara.  I visited all of them and have approved all of them. They are fast, friendly and very clean. Let’s explore these restaurants…


It is great that when you order what you want,  it comes to your table instantly!  There is a variety of fish: Salmon, mackerel,  gilt head bream. They are fresh as if they were caught ten minutes ago. They offer olive oil, thyme and mashed eggplants with yoghurt for appetizers and  they are really delicious. It is hard to hesitate to ask  for a second round. We had grilled salmon and gilt head bream.  With fish they also gave us jardinieres in a plate. So light! The costs are quite moderate compared to other fish restaurants. Many people do not want to visit there because they assume fish restaurants are generally expensive but you will be pleased. The atmosphere also makes you feel you are near harbor and you can hear sea gulls singing…
Adress: Cepa AVM Eskişehir Yolu 8.km 3.Kat No:302
Telephone : 0 312 219 64 50


Downtown is not famous for fish in their menu. However, it is shining a pearl among many restaurants that serve fish.
First, the restaurant is quite big. It does not feel crowded because the tables are not close to each other. Thus, it is easy to communicate with your friends without shouting.  For appetizers, we were served a small dish of olive oil with olives and a unique warm bread. Oil was mixed with pomegranate sauce and red pepper flakes. The oil was so tasty we couldn’t stop dipping the bread.  As soon as we finished the appetizers our order was ready and served at our tables.
For our main meal, we ordered grilled salmon with fish and chips.  Grilled salmon was quite satisfying and delicious. It was served with mashed broccoli, potato salad and sparrow grass. Mashed broccoli was a new concept for grilled fish for me and it was delicious.  Great combination!  Sparrow grass left more juicy taste on the grilled fish. The side of potato salad was also delicious: boiled potatoes and spicy cream sauce was such a nice touch. I felt like people from different cultures came together to create a new harmonious dance style.  Additionally, fish and chips was served with mackerel, which was fresh, too. Its sauce was in harmony with fish and tomatoes.  Despite the sauce, I can say that it was lean meal.  The customers generally do not want to order the fish menu because Downtown is  not a seafood restaurant, but I can recommend it to everyone.

Armada AVM Hayat Sokağı 444 7 655


This boutique fish restaurant in Çankaya has seaside-themed decoration and it is hard not to feel like you are in an Aegean town. Their music choices are also very summer-like and you feel like you are on a coast and bathing under the sun. The color scheme is composed of different shades of blue.  Deli Yengeç is a fish restaurant and it prides itself on being delivered fresh products to the restaurant on a daily basis.  It has a rich palate of starters such as Crete Pate with Pesto,  marinated sea bass with mustard,  octopus salad,  roasted eggplant with sesame oil,  smoked trout with tartar sauce and Aegean herbs and seaweeds.  I enjoyed the Crete Pate with pesto as a new taste to me. Sweet basil and cheese were quite harmonious.  Octopus salad was cooked well and it was not prosaic.  Smoked trout with tartar sauce was great. I enjoy the tartar sauce with almost any kind of fish. The seaweeds were so fresh that I felt like I pulled them out of the Aegean sea coast.  To sum up, starters were so well-done for my criteria. Do not hesitate, just visit there!

Address: Filistin Sokak, 9/B Gaziosmanpaşa, Çankaya, Ankara

Telephone : 0(312) 468 14 68

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