What Should We Do at Bilkent?

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Greetings Dear Bilkenters! Today, we’re going to talk about those magnificent statues that nearly all of us encounter almost every day at school. Yes, you guessed it right; have you ever wondered about the stories behind these statues that are the symbols of our school and which we pass by every day? We decided to learn more about the meanings and histories behind each of these statues. We are sure that you are as curious about this topic as we are. Therefore, welcome to this mini “Statue-101” course that we have prepared to get to know the statues at Bilkent more closely. Are you ready to explore the stories behind each of these artistic creations?
Introduction to the Statue, located at the main entrance of Bilkent University, this striking statue commemorates the 77th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. The statue, which was inaugurated with a solemn ceremony, is a tribute to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey.
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​Bilkent University is an institution that goes above and beyond in providing its students with a rich university life, not just academically, but also socially and culturally. In this blog, we detail the wide range of facilities Bilkent offers to its students, from study areas and dining options to social event spaces and student communities.


Bilkent University not only offers abundant opportunities in education and research but also promises a vibrant social university experience for its students. Among the many social spaces that enliven campus life, the Mayfest Lawn has become an indispensable meeting point for students. Hosting the spring festival held every May, this area offers students an escape from Ankara’s typically cold and overcast weather. In this article, let’s take a closer look at the amenities and atmosphere provided by the Mayfest Lawn.
During the spring and summer months, the Mayfest Lawn becomes a vibrant place where students can enjoy the sunshine and socialize. Located in front of the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, this extensive grassy area stands out as one of the most popular and enjoyable spots on campus. Hosting numerous events organized by the school and student clubs throughout the year, the Mayfest area becomes one of the centers of campus life. Open-air concerts, Nevruz celebrations, and various club activities reinforce the liveliness of this space.

For students, the Mayfest Lawn offers an ideal environment for picnicking, sunbathing, or simply spending time chatting with friends. Blankets spread out on the wide grass, songs accompanied by guitar, and laughter capture the essence of time spent in this area.
The spring festival held every May is one of the key events at the Mayfest Lawn. Filled with music, dance, food, and drink stalls, this festival offers students a chance to escape exam stress and enjoy fun, energetic moments. The festival not only provides an opportunity for entertainment and relaxation but also allows students to come together with friends and have a good time. This year’s Mayfest will be on May 3-4. Don’t miss it, just saying.
This unique social space at Bilkent University enriches student life and provides the perfect setting for gathering with friends and enjoying pleasant moments. Welcoming everyone looking to socialize on sunny days and through fun activities during the spring and summer, this area makes the student experience at Bilkent even more memorable. Offering extensive opportunities for social interaction and cultural activities, this space ensures that student life at Bilkent is filled not only with academic achievements but also with meaningful and fun times spent in such social areas.


Ah, Bilkent University… A place dazzling not just with its academic achievements but also with its vibrant social and cultural life. But let’s uncover a secret at the heart of academic success today: The Bilkent University Library. This library offers much more than a mere study space. With its vast collection, this haven of knowledge and inspiration is a refuge for students.
The library is a quiet place, but actually, there’s a lot happening. While everyone seems lost in deep thought on their own, groups can be found whispering about projects. When you step into the voiced study areas, you can immediately feel the energy. Students work in groups, and ideas fly through the air. In a corner, someone might have that small “Aha!” moment when they understand something new.
At Bilkent Library, there’s a strong belief in the power of collaboration. Special group study rooms are places where projects and ideas flourish, and team work happens most efficiently. These rooms serve not just for studying, but also as a consensus of ideas, a laboratory of creativity. Imagine getting together with your friends in these rooms, creating something; ideas echoing off the walls shape the projects of the future.
The collection at Bilkent Library has a richness you won’t find at any other school. A collection of 2,814,880 items, including works of valuable academics like Halil İnalcık, awaits you here. More than 250 databases offer an unlimited resource for your research. This library is the perfect place to satisfy your hunger for knowledge.
Bilkent University Library is the ideal place to tackle our challenging responsibilities. Here, every student writes their own story, embarks on their own journey. Perhaps the best part is having friends by your side who think alike and share the same goals while you’re on this journey. In the enchanting world of Bilkent, studying becomes not a burden, but rather a new frontier to explore.


One of the pulse points of art and entertainment at Bilkent University is undoubtedly the Musical Group. Last year, with an iconic musical like “Alexander Hamilton” breaking sales records, this group adds color to university life. Besides musical feasts, it makes its name with various events such as karaoke nights and Halloween parties. In this article, we’ll take a glimpse into the magical world of the Bilkent Musical Group. If you’re ready, let’s draw back the curtain and step into the glittering world of the stage.
The Bilkent Musical Group captivates the hearts of art lovers by staging one or two major musical productions each year. These productions can occur seasonally or at the end of the year, depending on the group’s membership size and energy. Members participate in various teams according to their interests, such as vocals, dance, sound, theater, orchestra, stage design, costumes, or makeup. Each plays a critical role in the grand scheme of the group.
Members are subjected to special auditions to showcase their talents, a process critical to the group’s quality and the works it stages. From the cast to the technical team, everyone works meticulously for the success of the musical. Stages like rehearsals, stage trials, and costume fittings ensure the final curtain is flawless. And finally, when the big day arrives, the play staged over three evenings invites the audience into a magical world.
The Bilkent Musical Group not only creates unforgettable moments with its large productions but also through karaoke nights, musical watching parties, and various workshops it organizes, providing members and audiences with memorable experiences. Workshops on improvisation and tap dance offer participants new skills, while karaoke and singing events strengthen the community bond.
The Bilkent Musical Group is a dynamic and creative community that gathers talents devoted to the performing arts. So, what does it take to be a part of this group? In our conversation with Cevdet Yunus Yörük from the group, we learned about the qualities potential members should have and the important details of the participation process.
The first step for anyone wanting to join the Bilkent Musical Group is to participate in the auditions. These auditions are crucial for maintaining the artistic quality of the group and the high standard of its stage performances. Participating in the auditions is not only a chance to showcase your talents but also an opportunity to closely observe the group’s energy and work ethic.
“To join our musical group, you first need to participate in an audition,” says Cevdet Yunus Yörük, adding: “One of our most important criteria is passion.” Truly being devoted to the performing arts is one of the cornerstones of this community. This passion is a force that motivates you through long rehearsal hours, helps you overcome challenges, and ensures you deliver your best performance on stage. If you have a deep love for the performing arts in your heart, the Bilkent Musical Group is just for you.
If you love musicals, dream of being on stage, or simply want to be part of an artistic community, the Bilkent Musical Group is waiting for you. Here, you can showcase your talents, forge new friendships, and create unforgettable memories. With this community, you can shine your own star and be a part of Bilkent’s art-filled world. Now, as we close the curtain, take a step towards the magical moments awaiting you on stage and become the shining star of the Bilkent Musical Group.
If you want to be a shining star of the Musical Group, you can reach us through the buttons below:


Not only for its academic achievements and social opportunities, but Bilkent University also captures the hearts of students and faculty members with its delicious dining options. Especially, the Çatı Cafeteria stands out as one of the most popular dining spots within the university. Offering a buffet from the early hours of the morning until late in the evening, this place satisfies everyone with its tasty and fresh options. Let’s take a closer look at this favorite gastronomic stop. Çatı Cafeteria: One of Bilkent’s Culinary Stops The Çatı Cafeteria offers a wide menu range from breakfast to dinner. In the mornings, you can start the day energetically with omelets prepared with ingredients of your choice. Also, freshly squeezed orange juice and soft pancakes have become indispensable in the mornings. During lunch and dinner, you can choose whatever you like from the constantly refreshed varieties of the open buffet.
Perhaps the most attractive aspect of the Çatı Cafeteria is its offering of fresh and diverse flavors at any time of the day. For your afternoon sweet cravings, options like waffles, various cakes, and profiteroles will be your savior. The buffet style, where you pay based on the weight of what you take, allows you to customize your meals according to your own preferences. Moreover, with prices being average, it also appeals to the student budget.
Bilkent University’s Çatı Cafeteria is an indispensable part of student life, both with its delicious food and its warm atmosphere. Its open buffet, serving fresh and diverse flavors every day, is the ideal spot for those who want to take a tasty break at any time of the day. Finding a seat during the busiest hours might be challenging, but the flavors offered and the warm atmosphere make up for this minor inconvenience. If you want to crown your day at Bilkent with a delicious break, Çatı Cafeteria is waiting for you.
The study areas, communities, dining venues, and social event spaces we discussed in this article only reflect a part of the diversity Bilkent University offers to its students. Life at Bilkent not only rewards you with an academic degree but also with lifelong friendships, unforgettable memories, and a journey of personal discovery.
We’ve made our plate, and we wish you a delightful meal. See you in our next article!