I always wondered whether  I can fly with coming winds … Sometimes changing is good, sometimes going somewhere is being renewed. We decided to go to a new fish restaurant called ” Balıkçı Rüzgarı”.  It means that the wind of a fisher. We thought that the wind may have brought us to this fresh place.  This restaurant was coming into prominence by its quality condition.  Its appetizers are really delicious and fresh enough. There are many kinds of appetizers such as sea bass with mustard, cayenne pepper with yogurt, octopus galantine and fried calamari. This brand has just one restaurant in Çankaya province.  It also has playgrounds for children. There is also valet service.  The restaurant has two flats consists of open and closed areas.  For the cost to be honest,  they are more expensive compared to a little fish restaurant. However, I think that it really deserves it because of quality. “We provide our products to customers as hot and fresh.  Therefore, our customers do not complain about the costs” says Enver. If Fried calamari was not fried as much as It would keep its juicy taste.  Seabass in the oven was so delicious.  The accompaniment of garlic’s taste was like dancing as couples. Octopus galantine was good but it was a little bit more rigid as I wished.  Cayenne pepper with yoghurt was good and I tried and tried again.  To sum up, I enjoyed with my taste very much. Do not hesitate to try there!
Filistin Sokak No:28 Çankaya – ANKARA

Gaziosmanpaşa Mahallesi, No: G.O.P, Filistin Cd No:28, 06700 Ankara
Phone(0312) 427 63 63                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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