Three things that come to your mind while waiting in line in Marmara

Asude and Hande


1) Is there any meal left in my card?

Since late november, it’s no longer possible for Bilkenters to purchase meal in Marmara. You should do that online on stars with your credit card. Therefore, it’s a new question on Bilkenters’s mind.

2) How many meatballs will I get this time?

We assure you no more than three. Stop looking at lady’s face with a sad expression. Because, even if she accidentally puts 4 meatballs, she will eventually take it back.

3) How much calories will it cost me?

Too much. It always goes up to approximately 1000 calories for each fix menu. Last week, Hande ate Mantı, Börek and Cake together. She didn’t abstain from eating bread. She is now gillion pounds.

We wanted to share the things that come to our minds in Marmara and have a little fun with you guys. Despite these questions and their well-known answers, people still content with eating in Marmara and find the food quality average according to our little survey. The price is basically the main reason why Bilkenters decide to eat there. Anyway, if there are more questions that come to your mind, we’d love to hear them!

Bon appétit!

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