4 Cafes in Ankara To Match the Vibe of Forgotten Children’s Book Heroes

Doa & Asya / two beans in a pod / / COMD 357 Multimedia Journalism Sonbahar 2022-2023 Listeleme Projesi

Hey nerds! As years pass and we get closer to adulthood, it’s no surprise that we miss our tween years, or well, the media that were popular (or not popular!) at the time. Since you clicked on this article, it is safe to assume you were searching for one of these books or characters. They also live rent-free in our minds, so don’t worry, you came to the right place! Any popular culture nerd who bonded with these heroes would recognize the nostalgic longing we now feel. Because we are two dedicated enthusiasts, we wanted to unlock your geeky childhood memories too. We re-read some of the most popular series as well as some occult classics of our tween years and matched them with cafes of Ankara that emanated a similar vibe for you to get the most out of the books! Hopefully, as you sip your coffee, you can reminisce the characters you forgot about, and even introduce your inner kid to new heroes in the most atmospheric way possible.

1. Lionblaze and Jayfeather in Coffee Roof


Warriors was a series we could never get enough of as kids in their geeky phases. And as if the writers had heard our wishes, it turned into a gift that just kept giving with a minumum of 10 books a year. Although it never became mainstream, we can definitely consider it an occult classic because of its dedicated fanbase that is still active to this day. No true fan of Warriors can pass up on the opportunity of talking about the somewhat tragic hero duo of Lionblaze and Jayfeather. As one of those people, we are taking you to a place that would suit their tastes just right: Coffee Roof Chocolate Roasted in Ankara!
Lionblaze and Jayfeather are 2 of the 3 cats to fulfill the prophecy set by elder cats, and in the process of chasing their destiny, they encounter books and books worth constant shenanigans. One of the situations involves both cats getting exiled from their tribe and searching for a place they can seek refuge. And if they ever happen to stumble into Ankara, Bahçelievler, Coffee Roof would be the perfect place for them to rest. With its cozy atmosphere and forest-y-looking interior, both Lionblaze and Jayfeather would feel right at home!
Address: Bahçelievler, 06490 Çankaya/Ankara

2. Emily the Strange in Devil’s Coffee Shop


Every nerd is bound to experience the inevitable emo phase at least once. When we were inspired by the dark and slightly gothic, we had the books of Emily the Strange to look up to. Matching our ages of introduction to her, Emily is a 13-year-old girl with a very distinct lifestyle. She has a punk and rock-infused taste, an aptitude for science, a twisted sleep schedule, morbid curiosities, and is always in possession of minor weaponry. Her best friends are her four black cats, and we have the best place in mind for all five of them: Devil’s Coffee Shop in Ankara, Bahçelievler.
Red and black are the two direct associations made with Emily, aside from her cats, of course, and the interior of Devil’s Coffee Shop fits them perfectly. The neon red wings by the counter are photograph central, and we think Emily would not miss the opportunity to pose in front of it. One of the fixations we remember Emily having is with food and beverages that have ‘black’ in their names. Luckily, the cafe also has Black Devil’s Coffee for her to sip in the corner as she daydreams quietly.
Address: Bahçelievler, 54. Cadde No:9, 06490 Çankaya/Ankara

3. Koto in Harper’s Coffee


Taynikma is a Danish fantasy book series that came out in 2005 but forever stayed in our hearts. The book is about a boy named Koto who discovers that he can bend shadows at his will while trying to sell a family heirloom and then learns that he’s actually one of the last shadow benders. Because he is one of the few remaining, everyone is out to get him, as you would expect. So, along with his newly found master, he sets out on a journey to defend the shadow tribe against evil forces.
Ancient cultures, such as Egyptian, heavily inspire the books and they even go as far as creating their own hieroglyphics. Where Koto would seek momentary refuge and stock up on caffeine would definitely be Harper’s Coffee in Ankara. The secluded cafe is basically Taynikma, visually brought to life. The Egyptian-inspired interior is a perfect match to the series’ environment design. If the evil forces ever steer towards Ankara’s Gölbaşı, Koto has to pay the atmospheric cafe a visit!
Address: İncek Şehit Savcı Mehmet Selim Kiraz Bulvarı, İncek Avlu Sitesi No:3, 06830 Gölbaşı/Ankara

4. Katie Kazoo in Make Me Joi


Childhood blues come with dramatic wishes, and we remember Katie Kazoo desperately wishing she could be anyone but herself. Ours do not tend to be granted, but with the simultaneous shooting of a star, Katie’s wish actually did come true. The series of Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo, follows Katie constantly turning into other people, mostly her friends. With her charming, optimistic, pizza-loving, puppy-adoring fourth-grader personality, Katie is left with having to resolve issues every time she switcheroos into someone else. For moments when she is free to be herself and have fun with her close friends, Make Me Joi seems to be just the match for her bubbly persona.

The aesthetic vibrance of Make Me Joi is what we think would instantly attract Katie and her friends. If the Switcheroo friend group were to attend middle school somewhere in Ümitköy, Ankara, Make Me Joi would absolutely be their after-school hangout spot. With the cafe’s juice selections, colorful interior, amusing wall decor, and overall positive feel, it is not hard at all to envision them sitting in a corner and laughing.
Address: Mutlukent Mah. Doğan Taşdelen Bulvarı No:97 İç Kapı No:21, 06800 Çankaya/Ankara