4 Places in Ankara for Product Supply

4 Places to Visit in Ankara for Product Supply

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Hello jewelry lovers and merchandisers! Our first step in this journey will be to tell you the supply process of the products and to list the places where you can find the jewelry products quickly and at the best price. Here are our favorite places in Ankara for jewelry materials: Vakıf Suluhan Çarşı. You can easily reach and find almost everything about jewelry in Ankara. There are many opportunities where you can buy jewelry material or wholesale jewelry. By going to a single place, you can find all necessary materials; beads, wire, glass, metal, boxes and box ornaments for design. Let’s start!

Address: Anafartalar, Şehit Teğmen Kalmaz Caddesi. No:38, 06050 Altındağ/Ankara

How Can I go?

  1. Bus: 185-7, 203-7, 266, 377, 450
  2. Subway: M1-M2-M3, M4 
  3. Car: Those who want to go by car can also choose it easily because there is a parking lot nearby. The parking fee is opened with 7 TL in the first hour.

​Working Days: It is open every day of the week except Sunday.​

4 places that you can get all your work done in Vakıf Suluhan Çarşı

1- Erdal Ticaret 

Those who prefer to start with a lower budget, instead of natural stones and glass beads; products such as plastic and crystal beads are a perfect fit for you! Considering the cheaper beads and materials including fishing line, jewelry pliers, closure and extension; Erdal Ticaret will highly meet your expectations.

When you enter Suluhan and go down the stairs, the 2 shops on your right and left belong to Erdal Ticaret.

You can find jewelery materials at affordable prices in Erdal Ticaret. We especially recommend you to buy products such as fishing line, crow nose, lengthening, closure, parrot from here. So that, you can benefit from both high quality products and low prices. You can buy the beads through putting them in small bags, or you can buy them in already-made packages directly from the warehouse if you want preferred amounts 1kg or 500gr.

  • Phone number: (312) 312 72 16
  • Suluhan Çarşı No:142

Keywords: Affordable price, product variety, helpful employees, mostly plastic & crystal beads.


2- Elifce Bijüteri

You are interested in jewelry but have no time for shopping? Then Elifce Bijüteri in Ulus Suluhan is a perfect fit for you! In this shop, you can only buy ready-made jewelry at both wholesale and retail prices.

After entering the Suluhan, you can reach Elifce Bijüteri by turning the first right and then the first left.

When you first enter the Elifce Bijuteri Mr. Şahin will welcome you. If you are interested in wholesale purchasing, he will inform you about the wholesale lower limit for your first purchase. Also here, you can find ready-made jewelry products such as buckles, necklaces, earrings, cartilage earrings, bracelets in different varieties and in large quantities.

If you do not have time, Elifce Bijuteri deliver your products you offered through courier. Of course, our recommendation would be to go and see the products and participate in that environment.
Bonus: Elifce Bijüteri also ships products abroad.

  • Phone Number: (0312) 311 57 01
  • Address: Suluhan Çarşı No: 103

Keywords: Wholesale, lower limit, ready product variety, finished jewelry, shipping


3- Gökkuşağı Bijouterie 

When taking a step into jewelry, if you prefer designing with timeless and well-crafting charms, and also would like to get inspiration by a master on jewelry; then Gökkuşağı Bijouterie is a perfect fit for you!

 Gökkuşağı Bijouterie is located next to the Elifce Bijüteri.

Gökkuşağı Bijouterie, which has two shops side by side, offers variety of beautiful natural stones, cultured pearls and charms. In one of the shops, Mr. Somuncu will greet you with his smiling face and kindness, and in the second store, the important tricks as how to pick natural stones, their purposes, and how to design them. You should definitely visit Gökkuşağı Bijouterie to get ideas and inspiration for jewelries you will craft. If you are interested in buying natural stone pearls and charms, Gökkuşağı Bijouterie is a perfect fit. Also if you don’t want to craft the product but want to sell popular jewelry products, you can buy and sell designer necklaces from this shop.

  • Phone Number: (0312) 310 14 94
  • Address: Suluhan Çarşı No: 104&105

Keywords: Natural Stones, Cultured Pearls, Charms, Design Jewelry.


4- Yavuz Plastik Ticaret

One of the most important aspects of being successful in a start-up business is how you present the jewelry you designed or meet with the customer. For example, no matter how beautiful the jewelry is, it loses all its appeal when given to a customer without a box or in a sloppy bag. A product becomes more attractive through its boxing and package. Therefore, we recommend you to prepare your boxes and bags carefully. (In one of our upcoming contents, we will be talking about packaging in detail.)

After entering Suluhan and descending the stairs, you will see the stairs again, when you go downstairs from the stairs on the right and go straight, you can see Yavuz Plastik.

When you first enter Yavuz Plastik, Mrs. Duygu welcomes you and helps you as much as she can. The most important reason for us to recommend Yavuz Plastik is that, it contains many materials about packing, boxes, bags, ornaments, and offers more affordable prices than other shops. The presentation of the product is a longer process than you could imagine! You can buy dried flowers to decorate your box. A bunch of dried flowers is affordable and can easily be found in Yavuz Plastik. By this, you can more personalize the package design. Also, there are many opportunities such as small beautiful colored pouches. Both stylish and affordable, and all of these are available at Yavuz Plastik. 

  • Address: Suluhan Çarşı No: 10

Keywords: Boxes, Bags, Ornaments, Dried Flowers, Packing, Affordable price, Product variety.