Gökçe Soycan -Sera Ataç -Zeynep Nisa Halil Blog: Date Lovers / Comd 537 Multimedia Journalism Bahar 2023/24 Fotoğraf Dizisi Projesi

     Today, we, 3 girlfriends, got in our car and headed to Louise Brasserie, one of our favorite date places in Ankara. We even got excited when we saw the sign for Louise, the busiest restaurant on Filistin Street. When we entered, being greeted with the smiling face of Ms. İnci lifted our mood. Again, with the guidance of Ms. İnci, we settled at our table in the outside garden. Thanks to Bilal Bey, who took care of us on our date today, we made delicious food choices and ate with pleasure. Mr. Bilal showed extra interest when we told him that we were doing it for the COMD357 course and helped us a lot in taking aesthetic photographs for the photo essay. Bilal Bey’s tea and fruit plate offer at the end of the day made our day better. We can’t wait to share this experience with you date lovers. We would like to warn you in advance that being exposed to these photos may encourage you to go on a date as soon as possible!!!
The upper part of the building, whose exterior design has been carefully designed and gives a mid-century atmosphere, is used as a hotel, while the lower part is reserved for a restaurant.
Seating is possible in all weather conditions thanks to the heaters in the outdoor garden, which we also prefer.
A table to sit at with pleasure on the side of the busy Filistin Street.
You can access the menu of Louise, which has now removed paper menus with an environmentally friendly idea, via the QR code on the tables.
Delicious non-alcoholic cocktails: Ice green tea with honey, green apple and berry lemonades.
Crispy shrimps, soft buns and our truffle mushroom pizza with an Italian flair. Voiala!
and we shouldn’t forget our pasta with arabiata sauce!
capture a “moment”
coffee o’clock.
selfie time
and a small but sweet gesture made by Mr. Bilal to us: offering tea and fruit plate.
and Louise’s signature dessert: Creme Brulee Cheesecake.
There are private rooms on the lower floor for your special occasions or large groups of guests. Room-1
There are private rooms on the lower floor for your special occasions or large groups of guests. Room-2
and again, us!
We wanted to show you in an uncensored way that we are very satisfied with the price-performance ratio.
The interior decoration, which changes according to each season, was designed for Halloween this time.
3-2-1, CHESEEEE!!!