4 Restaurants from Around the World in Ankara: Taste Like World!

Ahmet Erdoğan Yılmaz & Fatma Gizem Torun / TASTING WORLD CUISINES IN ANKARA / COMD 357 Multimedia Journalism Sonbahar2023-2024 Listeleme Projesi 

Hello taste lovers! Here we are discovering four delicious restaurants. Ankara is not only a city of serious government buildings and boring stuff, Ankara is a city you can taste the incredible cuisines from all around the world.

There are many great restaurants in Ankara that you can discover the international cuisine. ​Here we are with 4 of those great restaurants…


Niyokki is one of the best places in Ankara to eat pizza and pastas. However their menu includes many pizzas, pastas, salads and desserts. They have a special recipe for their dough and it is kept a secret. They use best of the high quality, fresh ingredients, so the outcome is delicious meals. They have 3 restaurants in different places in Ankara. Their pizzas are locally famous, and all of them are really tasty but, their most liked ones are Mediterranean pizza and the smoked beef pizza. They also have a variety of pastas and the most liked one is their Mac&Cheese. It is different from all the other Mac&Cheese’s I have eaten before with its spices. 

Overall Niyokki is a great Italian restaurant. However we think it has 3 downsides.
1- Mac&Cheese has no option to have chicken with it. Mac&Chesse is usually served with chicken, without any meat, only Mac&Cheese was a bit dull to us.
2- Prices are a bit weird because they change too much with the ingredients, some of them are reasonable, some of them are a bit pricy.​
Price: 7
Performance: 6
Taste: 5


Holas, mi amigos
Our next stop on our flavor tour, where we discover new tastes and cultures, is Ranchero.
Ranchero is a restaurant that transports you to Mexico even though you are in the middle of Ankara. Its stylish, colorful, warm lighting and traditional Mexican motifs and ambiance make you feel the scent of Mexican land. The Mexican breeze greets you as soon as you step inside. When you head to your table, you will be greeted by a sombrero (a wide, tall hat specific to Mexicans) and a poncho. You can wear them as you wish and take photos. Moreover, since the restaurant is furnished in a true Mexican atmosphere, every corner is as if it came out of a movie, you can feel like you are in the Narcos series at any time. Let’s get to the most important part, the second best thing about the restaurant is its Extensive Menu! It contains almost every Mexican dish you could want and all of them are prepared successfully. I recommend you to try nachos, tacos, quedillas and mojitos, a special Mexican drink. Traditional Mexican dishes are prepared in accordance with the methods and presented aesthetically. The spices that make Mexican food Mexican are used like an art, and the sauces complete the dishes and bring them to their final form. Each one evokes a different taste and admiration.
But let me warn you, if you don’t like coriander, this is not the kitchen for you. The prices are affordable and we can say that they are student-friendly. A good advice from me to you, dear readers.
Stay healthy and delicious,
Read on to discover new tastes.
Adios amigos!

​Price: 3
Performance: 8
Taste: 9


As two Turkish friends, our list would be incomplete without a Turkish restaurant. Turkish cuisine is widely known in the world with its unique taste, wide varieties of dishes and the deep history. As Bilkent students, Düveroğlu has a special place in our heart with its proximity to our campus and unmatched tastes. If you become a Bilkent student, it is impossible to not know Düveroğlu. In my first year in Bilkent, I ate lots of dinners here and met many of my friends here, so this restaurant has a different meaning for me, which I guess many Bilkent students can understand. Düveroğlu restaurants were established in 1963 by Enver Düveroğlu. First restaurant was in Anıttepe and now they have restaurant in four different locations of Ankara. All the menu of Düveroğlu is delicious, their döner is really tasty and one of my favorites is beyti kebab with döner however, the most special and famous dish of Düveroğlu is seasoned lamb skewers. Famous Turkish gourmet Vedat Milor highly recommends this dish in Düveroğlu. It is one of the 8 places in Ankara that takes place in Vedat Milor’s Taste Guide. Seasoned lamb skewers in Düveroğlu is not like any other lamb skewers because, it is seasoned in a special way, prepared from the highest quality of meat and cooked perfectly to not lose its water and be soft, but not like a rubber. It is hard to describe but, definitely one of the best kebabs I have eaten. I highly recommend you to try one day, so you can really understand what I mean.
Price: 7/10
Performance: 8/10
Taste: 9/10


Quick China was established in 1996. They have 11 restaurants in total and 9 of them are in Ankara, 1 in Istanbul, 1 in Nevşehir. When someone says sushi, in Ankara the first place that comes to mind is Quick China. Like many people, first time I tried sushi was in Quick China and they made me love it. However their menu consist a lot more than just sushi. They have traditional soups, noodles, unique seafoods, red and white meat dishes and lots more. But I think they are especially good at their modernized versions of those traditional dishes. Their tasty dishes and high quality ingredients are unquestionable. Quick China also has a great atmosphere. When you enter the restaurant, you instantly notice the traditional Asian patterns and nicely put red elements everywhere. I am glad Quick China was the first Asian restaurant I went to and I continue to visit every now and then. All the times I ate in Quick China I was never disappointed. So we recommend everyone who likes Asian food or wants to try one day.
Price: 6/10
Performance: 7/10
Taste: 8/10