One Day in Altınova

Kerem Karayalçın – Altınova – Comd 357 Multimedia Journalism Final Project

Hey there summer lovers!

I always tried to show Altınova how beautiful it is by words or pictures in my past posts. But, it is not enough. I want to show you a video that I work so hard for you to experience even more. The shots that I gathered are filled with memories. Some of the old, some of them new but I know that these memories are standing in my heart. I aim to show you how a day in Altınova passes and how the colors, nature, and atmosphere change every time in a day. 

The video consists of activities like windsurf, kitesurf, volleyball, canoe, meditation, and campfire on the beach. I’m also showing the summer place that I stay (Profesörler Site). Almost all of the shots are from “Profesörler Site”. I want to present how quiet and peaceful the “Profesörler Site” and how it harmonizes with nature. I also put a special song that I think is very connected to this concept. I used to open this song when I’m relaxing under a canopy in breezy midday. While you are watching the video, I hope you will feel even a little nostalgic happy memory that makes you think of the great times you used to have and be grateful for it. How the world gifted us beautiful places…



I also did an interview with my father about Altınova. It is a summary of the first time visiting Altınova, how “Pröfesörler Site” was built, Altınova in the ’70s, and special moments. Some of the photos I put are professionally shot between 1977 – 1982 by my grandfather Yaşar Karayalçın. I learned something about myself as well 🙂

Now my Altınova project has been ended. I hope I made you experience Altınova just as much as I did. I tried my best to show you the beauties of it. In 2021 summer, maybe you can try to visit Altınova. I hope to see you there in 2021 summer. Take care and be pure everyone…