Ayvalık in Pictures: A Lonely Summer During Covid-19

Kerem Karayalçın – Altınova – Comd 357 Multimedia Journalism Fotoğraf Dizisi Projesi

Hello summer lovers! Our last summer was tough because of the coronavirus. Not only it was tough for the people who wanted to take a break and have a vacation but also all the locals, tradesmen, restaurants, and cafés from Altınova, Ayvalık, and Cunda Island. They were dependent on the tourists. Usually, the summer season was the most active time for these three places. However, the 2020 summer was too quiet. My goal is to show you the atmosphere of Altınova, Ayvalık, and Cunda Island and the emotions they possess. Don’t get the wrong idea, just because it was a quiet summer doesn’t mean it is a disaster. Quietness reveals the beauty of these places. All the photos are shot by Gamze Reisoğlu Şamdancı in July 2020. She is my neighbor in Altınova-Profesörler Site and she mentions that all the photos’ shooting style was like “capturing the moment” which means there is no manipulation such as neatly placing the props or asking the locals to pose for the camera. 


Cunda Island
Neş’e Meyhanesi
Taş Café