Aras Tuna Öz -Manal Mazdaoui -İdil Tavlan Blog: Bikent Cats / Comd 537 Multimedia Journalism Bahar 2023/24 Fotoğraf Dizisi Projesi

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a Bilkent cat is like? Well, We’re about to share with you a story from their perspective! From dawn till dusk, we’ll take you through all the adventures that make up their daily cat-tivities. Imagine them playing with friends, eating snacks from kind folks, and lounging in the sunshine. They also take cozy naps, meet friendly humans, and might even explore a bit in the campus. So, are you ready to hear it all from the cats themselves? 

My name is Güneş! The morning sun shines down on the campus, making everything warm and bright. I’m watching from where I am as students walk to their classes, carrying their bags and books. Each one seems focused and ready for the day ahead. I’m just sitting quietly, listening to the sounds of footsteps and people talking as they pass by. It’s a peaceful moment before things get busy, I am excited for the adventures that awaits.
My name is Porti! Sitting high in the tree, I watch everything happening below. It’s like I’m seeing the whole campus from up here. Students walk to class, and everything seems to fit together perfectly. It’s cool being able to see everything like this. Spending time with bird friends makes me happy.
My name is Muffin! As I enjoy the morning sun, a student walks by and gives me a friendly pat. It feels always nice to be loved and cared for by the people on campus. It’s a simple moment, but it means a lot to me. It’s moments like these that make me grateful to call Bilkent my home. Elif Zeynep hugging me next to Bilka cafe!
My name is Mayahan! Throughout the day, people from Bilkent come to give us food. It’s nice to see them caring about us and making sure we have something to eat. Taking the time out of their busy schedules to ensure we’re fed and cared for.
My name is Gandalf! As we enjoy our meals, we’re filled not only with food but also with gratitude for the compassion and generosity of our campus community.
My name is Nazan! I might seem a little angry.Sometimes,I can not find any food.I lost some of my friends because of the lack of food.Please always remember us and give us food regularly!
My name is Muffin! When the day starts to calm down, I know it’s time for my nap. I find a sunny spot, curl up, and relax. Feeling the warmth on my fur is so comforting. It’s my peaceful time during the busy day, helping me get ready for more adventures later on.
My name is Damat! Sneaking into the classrooms is one of our favorite things to do. we’re greeted with smiles from studnets. It’s a chance for us to spread a little joy and brighten up everyone’s day with our presence. Plus, there’s always the possibility of a snack or two if we’re lucky! Always remembering Funda teacher who was letting me stay to listen her lessons in the FF building. She was one of the beloved teachers in the communication and design department and we’re missing her as a cat community. FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS…
My name is Yeşim! Here I am popping my head out of a hole in the wall! It’s my special spot, where I like to hide and watch the world go by. Sometimes, I’ll stick my head out just to see what’s happening. It’s my own little adventure right here on campus!

My name is Ceviz! Here I am sitting with Manal in 70 dorm’s lounge, my comforting place of the whole campus! Here I meet many students, they take good care of me and I’m happy about that!
My name is Yeşim! As the day winds down, I find a cozy spot on the warm heating system to snuggle up and sleep. The heat feels nice, like a big, comfy blanket wrapping around me. It’s the perfect way to end the day, feeling all snug and cozy!