Top 4 Activities You Have To Do in Altınova

Kerem Karayalçın – Altınova – Comd 357 Multimedia Journalism Listeleme Projesi

Altınova is a unique place that will always be number 1 for me. Compared to the classic/touristic summer vacation areas like Antalya, Bodrum, Muğla, and, İzmir; Altınova is the least known place. According to ““, Altınova’s entire population is only 13,029 (2019). 22 years of experience in Altınova made me realize that in addition to all the natural beauties, the characteristics of the people whom I know such as their sincerity, friendship, and calmness make the place more attractive. In other words, people are the mirror reflection of all the natural beauty. Our local community (Profesörler Site) was built in 1975. Starting from all these old neighbors to local fish restaurants, Bazaars, and Surf schools, I always got a warm smile. The fewer people you have, the more peace you get. So, you have all the space for the activities that I will mention in this post! I always wait for summertime and think about these activities while in the winter studying for school. I miss every second of all the summers I spend there. So, I hope I will make you feel like these activities create magical memories that you will never forget. Here are the top 4 activities:
1) Swim in The Golden Sea 


Altınova is a very hot place. In summer, during the daytime, it is always above 30-degree Celsius and the best thing to cool down is to jump in the beautiful, cold, and clean sea. The seafloor is white sand (almost no seaweed). The mini rocky cliffs that you see are designed to block big waves. At the shore, there are handrails and just at the side, there are sandbags to step comfortably to the sea especially for the elderly. This photo is shot in “Profesörler Site”. Check out the location. This site has one of the most beautiful views of Altınova. Beyond the sea, you can see Greek Island Mytilene. The sun always sets behind Mytilene Island. Since this site’s beach is public, there is no need to be a member of the Profesörler Site. You can even camp on this beach or if you want to stay in a hotel, the closest to the Profesörler Site is “Maya Otel”. It is 50 meters to the beach. It is not a luxurious fancy hotel but it is practical for being very close to the beach. More detail is on their website. The water is perfect at sunset. All the sunlight during the day heats the water just like you wanted.
2) Windsurf to Infinity


If you want some challenge and adventure on the sea, windsurfing is the best sport for you. Feeling the clean blue sea, going fast like a motorboat, and going far far away to infinity that makes you think how big the earth is. If you don’t know how to windsurf or even have the equipment, no problem at all! There is a windsurf school in Ayvalık which is connected to Altınova (very close). It is called “Capri Sörf Okulu Ayvalık”. Not only they will teach you how to windsurf but also you can rent windsurf from that school. Lifeguards and trainers will be on one-to-one supervision so there is no need for feeling nervous while learning to windsurf. If you want to learn more details about windsurf, don’t forget to check out their website!
Capri Sörf Okulu Ayvalık

​Location:Kapri Plajı, Sefa Çamlık Mahallesi, İnönü Cd., 10400 Ayvalık/Balıkesir
3) Canoe
If you want a less challenging activity, try canoeing. The best thing about a canoe is that it is suitable for most ages starting from a child to the elderly. It is a beneficial sport for muscle development and relaxation. At sunsets, the wind is nearly none so the water is almost flat. The colors of the sunset turn the sea into a beautiful orange color. I advise that it is the best time for canoeing. You can bring your dearest furry little friend too. If you don’t own a canoe, worry not! “Kano Diyarı” is the best place to rent or buy your canoe if you care about durability and quality. Click here to check out their website. They sell different types of canoes such as inflatable, transparent, fishing, and river canoes. Also, they sell other stuff like canoe equipment, Gopro, and paddleboard. Their price range for the 2020 season is between 2,700-12,300 TL.
Kano Diyarı

Location: ​Keremoğlu İş Merkezi 1004 Sok. No:5, D: 322/323, 35110 Yenişehir-İzmir
4) Beach Campfire
You swam in the sea. The windsurf gave you all the adrenaline you need and you canoed under the beautiful orange sky. It was rough but exciting. It is nighttime now and is time to reward yourself with a nice beach campfire. In Altınova nights, the sound of the atmosphere is very peaceful so the only sounds you will hear are crickets, calm waves, rustling trees, and the crackling of the firewood that you prepared. Bring your friends, crack open a beer, and feel the soft sand. Make sure to clean up the mess like beer cans, snack bags, and charred wood afterward. A clean beach is a happy beach. ​