Photo Series : Korean Cultural Center in Ankara

Saebyeol Blog: How to feel Korean in Ankara /Comd 357 Multimedia Journalism Sonbahar 2019-2020 Foto Dizisi Projesi

Hello, Ankorean!
Today, I’m going to introduce Korean cultural center in Ankara.
This center is where you can find useful information about Korea and have cultural experience. You can also enjoy Korean movie and karaoke here!
This place is open to everyone who has interest in Korean culture.
Let me show you what you can do here on each floor.

On the ground floor, you can learn about Korean tradition. It displays traditional Korean instruments, ceramics, handicrafts and house room structure as well as traditional Korean costume, hanbok. There are both Korean and Turkish description for each exhibit. Also, there is a cafeteria on the ground floor. You can spend some leisurely time in the large cafeteria.

On the basement floor, there’s a taekwondo(traditional Korean sport) studio. This studio is designed to accommodate about 40 to 50 people and to practice traditional dance or ballet in addition to taekwondo by installing a full body mirror and bar. Taekwondo is known as good for both body and mind, using our whole body. For this reason, it is very common to learn taekwondo for Koreans in childhood. 

There’s a library on the 1st floor. ​There are Korean books in various fields, English books related to Korean studies, and Turkish books for Korean culture, history or Korean language study. Inside the library, there is reading room for children, as well as a TV and DVD player. There are also desks and chairs for those who want to read or study quietly. 

On the 2nd floor, there are three lecture rooms which are different in size. You can register classes progressed in here such as Korean language, calligraphy and instruments at the reception during the notified application period. Hangeul, alphabetic system used for writing the Korean language, is very easy to learn especially how to read and write. Why don’t you try? 😉

On the 3rd floor, there are two seminar rooms, a performance hall, and a K-pop room.
The seminar rooms can accommodate about 20 people. You can rent the rooms for seminars related to Korean culture, arts, tourism, etc. and the activities of the fan club of Korean artists.
The performance hall can accommodate 70 to 80 people. Various music events, performances, symposiums, and conferences are held in here.
The K-Pop room has karaoke machines to help you enjoy K-pop, which is leading the Korean Wave. 

On the 4th floor, there is a exhibition hall featuring photographs, paintings, ceramics or artifacts related to Korea. Currently, an exhibition titled “Terra Incognita” is under way, displaying 41 old maps reproduced as a textile works by Korean artist Hyeseung Lee. Everyone can visit the exhibition without entrance fee.

The Korean Cultural Center are open to all those who miss karaoke culture in Korea, those who are curious about Korean culture, and those who are looking for a different cultural exhibition.  Don’t hesitate to visit here!

Korean Cultural Center 한국문화원

Mon-Sat 10:00-18:00 / Sun Closed

​(0312) 468 30 50