Top 4 Ballet Schools in Ankara

Dear Modern Dance Lovers,
Through this post I aim to offer you 4 ballet schools in Ankara. If you are one of those people who wants to have the opportunity to learn classical ballet while at that the same time cultivating a love of dance and an ability to move freely in your body, this post is for you! There are so many dance schools in Ankara varying from folk dance to modern dance. The problem is to find the right location for yourself or your kids, etc. In this post, I analyzed a varity of studios/ schools to list you the ones that I think are the best.  In these schools, students interested in pursuing dance careers or intense classical training will find a warm, friendly environment with award winning students and teachers. What makes them different from other ballet schools is that they are dedicated to developing skilled, versatile dancers of the highest caliber, in a creative, caring and disciplined training environment. I am going to analyze Crypto Dance AcademyFame Dance Sports and ArtbySanat Dance Academy and lastly Karçiçeği Ballet and Dance School in terms of their location, professionalism, crew, price and history. Let’s get started!

1) Crypto Dance Academy


Founded by Berkan KAYMAZ in 2004 with the name Crypto Style, the studio has never lost its characteristics of being innovative, productive, pioneer in the branch and being followed. They never sacrificed theirquality line by achieving numerous successes both in and out of the country. They have 2012-2013 Social Latin Sance salsa championship. The founder of Crypto Dance Academy, Berkan KAYMAZ also contributes to the promotion of our country, the promotion of the capital and its tourism and brings together  thousands of people in the capital each year. He is the organizer of Ankara International Dance Festival. This important event is one of the largest dance performed on behalf of several organizations inTurkey. The program is available for every age group. For seniors first lesson is free.

Fee for Juniors (age 6-12): 200TL/ month cash
Fee for Seniors:  180TL/ month cash

​Address: Yukarı Bahçelievler Mah. 7.Cadde Eski 27 Yeni 70.Sok. 3/A Bahçelievler  06490/ ANKARA
Phone: 0312 215 11 05

2) Fame Dance, Sports and Art Studio


In October 2010, FAME Dance Studio began to give training,today, has many different dance branch training and hosting staff who are the best in their fields. In October 2016, the FAME Dance Studio, which became a branch of FAME Dance Studio, continues its activities with the support of Ministry of Education. FAME Dance and Music Studios has brought a new breath to dance and art in Ümitköy / Çayyolu with the high quality services it offers and has reached many people in a short time. The general coordinators of the studio, Simge Menteş and Özgün Çağlar Ersoy, are professional athletes, coaches and referees’  in Turkey Dance Sports Federation. The image above is from one of their performances named Don Quixote. Dance Sport courses are given for children and adolescents between 6-15 years and 12-18 years of age and for the upper age groups who want to live dance rather than hobby. The general aim is to improve the movement abilities, rhythm feelings, body postures, elasticity and dance techniques of the candidates. The studio sets prices on the phone or face-to-face.

Address: Osman Ağa Konakları No:17 Ümit Mahallesi 2494. Sokak (across Galeria – Carrefour sokağı) Ümitköy Ankara

Phone: ​(0 312) 236 38 64 & (0 505) 922 94 82

3) bySanat Dance Academy


The aim of  bySANAT is to provide the student with the right ballet training, to contribute to the physical and spiritual development of the students, to guide the artistic talents of the students, to enable them to become a good art lover, to strengthen their rhythm and dance sense. Their Classical Ballet course is suitable for all age levels as of the age of 3. Their class capacity is maximum 10 people. At the end of the 8th level, the Ballet Graduation Diploma is given in line with Ministry of Education.

Address: Mahatma Gandi Cad. No: 26/1 GOP, Çankaya / Ankara
Phone: (312) 491 84 42

Karçiçeği Ballet and Dance School


Ministry of Education Classical Ballet Training Program consists of a total of 10 years, 2 of which are Preparatory Classes and 8 years of Academic Ballet Training. Students who have successfully completed their 10 years of education are entitled to receive a Classical Ballet Educator Diploma approved by the Ministry of Education. With the Ministry of Education approved Ballet Diploma, students are authorized to open special ballet courses and to teach ballet at private schools. Students are accepted from the age of 4. The application is 1 day 60 minutes per week. Only students who are born in the same year are in the group. ​The most important feature of the program is that the students are taught in smaller groups by the teachers who have received special training for these programs and have received both ballet and child education programs.

Address: Kültür mh Mithatpaşa cd.
51/4 Kızılay Çankaya ANKARA

Phone: 0 312 434 50 09