Fashion: Those 4 Easy Pieces to Take Around the World

You all know my aim here, I’ am trying to show how personal styles can become art. It is difficult to find an individual style no one else has, this is, you have to feel comfortable with the clothes you choose, they have to represent your deepest soul and of course the outfit must be original. How my first interviewed, Alba Caviglia, said you have to look for unique clothes that no one else is wearing. If you buy all your outfit from big corporations like Inditex or Primark, it is going to be really difficult to be incomparable and to express your own personality. For that reason, try to combine this apparels with other ones you know you are the only able to wear. You can find really original and sole outfits in Vintage Shops, Street Markets, Second Hand Shops, small boutiques and in Internet.

Fashion is very important for me, so I always try to save some money for new and rare clothes in line with my personality. I have been shaping my own style for years; I read articles about new trends, new relevant personalities in fashion and I try to visit artistic cities where arts and urban cultures are powerful and significant. For that reason I keep my style wherever I go.

Finding these kind of shops in Ankara is my new objective. I would like to present the unique shops of this city, so that their citizens or visitors can complete their outfit with Ankara’s clothing. I want to show how original people can be buying here, but at the moment I have not found any of them. So will be a pleasure for me to show you some of my most valuable and unique clothes I have bought all around the world.

(I will also add the links to show you these beautiful places and their extraordinary catalog)

  1. This Old Jacket


This old jacket is from THREE VINTAGE SECOND HAND SHOP in Castellón (Spain). It is one of my star clothes so I carry it with me everywhere I go, it means a lot to me because it was the first jacket I bought from a second hand shop. Thanks to this apparel I started in the world of street styles, because I realized how good you feel wearing unique garments. This jacket help me to show others a unique personality.
You can also buy online.
2. That Naive Jacket


This naif jacket is from ARIZONA VINTAGE in Paris (France). This garment is also very important, due to it was manufactured in the 80s but I was the first one to use it after more than thirty years. We could say that is an old jacket but its story begins with me.​
You can also buy in Spain, UK, Italy and online.
3. The Shiny Skirt


This shiny skirt is from the world wide web ALIEXPRESS, where you can only buy online.  I use this skirt at night during special occasions, as it shines enough with sunlight. I bought it because I wanted to be dress not black colored as everybody does during special nights.
4. The High Pair of Shoes


This high pair of shoes are from the street market CAMDEN TOWN in London (United Kingdom). They are the typical creepers used during the 80s and 90s at Great Britain, these ones were used by the old cyber social-movement. Nowadays, the Camden shops continue selling them for new and diverse generations, not only for cyber people. I love creepers design and their history, so every time I go to London I buy one pair.  I’ve been collecting these shoes for 5 years, now I have 5 pairs.
You can also buy online, but I strongly recommend you to go and see how unique styles and arts surround this magical market.

Instagram is also a good tool for you, for example, you can follow fashion bloggers and learn how to combine clothes and brands, the latest trends and where to find them. Dulceida is my favourite fashion blogger. I follow her on Instagram as my main way to keep in touch with vogue.

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